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Is Your Body Acidic?


It is generally known that acidity is the the principle cause of disease. Human acidity leads to disease, operations and an almost certain early funeral. The accumulation of acid in our blood and our cells is one of the principle causes of disease and death. All cooked, fried and baked foods are acid forming and almost all drugs, pills, drinks, tonics, soda, liquors, coffee and all manufactured foods are acid forming. All canned foods are also acid forming due to their processing with ingredient additives such as preservatives.

Acid is one of the causes of gastritis, heartburn, burning in the chest, bloating, poor memory and low energy. Acidity also causes arthritis, urinary ailments, heart valve problems and kidney problems. If we can keep the tissues nourished, stomach, blood and bones alkaline we will be healthy, youthful, vigorous, lively and strong.

It is impossible to get sick as long as the human body is ALKALINE. An Alkaline diet results in health, longevity, youth and beauty. Maintaining the proper PH alkaline balance in our bodies is CRUCIAL to living a healthy an long life.

PH Facts:

- The PH scale runs from 0 to 14

- 0 - 6.9 = Acidic

- 7 = Neutral

- 7.1 - 14 = ALKALINE

- The PH of 1 is similar to the acid in your car battery

A low PH means your body is low on oxygen and Cancer loves to live in a low PH Acidic Environment. The pH of our blood has to remain around 7.25-7.45 at all times. If you want to determine whether your acidic or alkaline, simply purchase a roll pH testing paper and dip in a urine sample taken when you first wake up in the morning. Match the color with the code pH code. The higher the number the more ALKALINE you are. You can also use your saliva to perform this test in the morning.

If you find yourself being to acidic, there's one way to become more alkaline. RegenaLife makes a great product that is high in ALKALINITY. Try our Immune System Regenerator. It comes in an 8oz liquid which you can take at any time of the day to help you become more Alkaline.

What are Humic and Fulvic minerals?

Humic and Fulvic minerals are crucial to the maintenance of health and contain some of the most valuable, naturally occurring nutrients known to science. Humic minerals may counteract malignant cell growth, and reversing serious disease. Humic extracts can be thought of as defenders of all biological mechanisms. Humic protects the body's cells, accelerates the healing processes, fights malignant cells, and disrupts oxidative stress. Humic's structural complexity makes it one of the most powerful detoxifying agents known to man.

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